Welcome to Holmesian Deduction: The Sherlock Holmes Reader’s Podcast. The aim for this show is to discuss every chapter written about Sherlock Holmes, which you can imagine, will take some time.

Currently there’s only myself on the show, but eventually I want to get other Sherlock Holmes readers involved in the show. If you’re interested in reading a few chapters of Sherlock Holmes a month and discussing the chapters on air with me then let me know through the contact us page.

Sherlock Holmes Podcast

Due to production time, the plan currently is to record one episode per month. But with significant funding from Patreon two or more episodes can be produced per month. Here is our Patreon page for more details on our production goals.

Take a listen to the first show and let us know your thoughts on the chapters in the comments below.

Also, we have two questions for you guys to answer, and we will read out some of the answers on the next show.


[tabs class=”yourcustomclass”]
[tab title=”Question 1″ active=”active”]How do you think Sherlock heard about the flat in Baker Street?[/tab]
[tab title=”Question 2″]Do you feel like Sherlock wants to impress Watson when he speaks about his magazine article?[/tab]

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