Welcome to Holmesian Deduction: The Sherlock Holmes Reader’s Podcast. The aim for this show is to discuss every chapter written about Sherlock Holmes, which you can imagine, will take some time.

On this episode, chapters 3 and 4 of A Study in Scarlet are discussed in detail. If you are interested in being on one of the episodes then please contact us. To qualify, you simply need to be a fan of Sherlock Holmes and be willing to read a couple of the chapters; you’ll also need a computer with a microphone and a pair of earphones.

Currently, the production of the show is time consuming so I can only promise one episode per month. But with your support on Patreon we can produce episodes more frequently.

The intro was played on violin by Taryn Harbridge.

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Are the conclusions that Sherlock makes in these two chapters really that astounding? Or is much of the amazement at his deductions caused by others simply not thinking outside the box?

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