This year we are determined to make Redital grow. There are various services we want to work towards offering readers, such as packaged based subscriptions where we will post surprises to those who chose to sign up for the service.

We also want to hold regular contests, and possibly even meetups and events in the future. In order to achieve these things we’ll need to streamline our web media side of things. This means that we’ll no longer be holding a vote for users to select the genre of the next featured book.

From here on we’ll be pre-selecting the book for each month. There may still be an odd month where we ask for you to vote between two different titles, but this will not be month to month.

This change won’t affect the giveaway, we still aim to giveaway one or more book a month to our subscribers. With more support on our Patreon page we’ll also be able to give away more.

We’re small now, but follow us in our journey to make reading a more socially pleasing pass time.