Mario Puzo was the writer responsible for one of my favourite works of fiction, both in book and movie form. Mario Puzo is the mastermind behind The Godfather stories. Over the course of twenty years he also worked on The Family; often putting it to the side to focus on other works. Unfortunately, Puzo passed away before finishing the book. The book was then completed by his girlfriend Carol Gino and published in 2001, making The Family the final novel by Mario Puzo.

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The Family Synopsis

‘We are a family,’ Alexander told his children.
‘And the loyalty of the family must come before everything and everyone else. We must learn from each other, protect each other, and be bound first and foremost to each other. For if we honour that commitment, we will never be vanquished – but if we falter in that loyalty, we will all be condemned’

In a tale of brutality and betrayal that crowns Mario Puzo’s remarkable career, he brings us the story of the greatest crime family in Italian history – the Borgias.