Italy is one of my favourite places that I’ve never been. There’s something about the country and the people that has always interested me. The country itself has so much worldly history, and the people are well celebrated for their crafts and creativity. Reading about the Borgia family in Mario Puzo’s The Family has reminded me just how interesting a place the country is and now I’m on a quest to find more Italian fiction. If you’re also on this quest, here are four recommendations to get you started.

I'm Not Scared Nicolo Ammaniti cover

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I’m Not Scared – Nicolò Ammaniti

Once you start this one, you won’t put it down. I’m Not Scared follows nine-year-old Michele Amitrano who makes a discovery so momentous he dare not tell a soul. The story revolves around a ransom situation, but it’s a compelling tale about young children who get an early introduction to adulthood.

Death in Sicily book

Death in Sicily – Andrea Camilleri

Death in Sicily follows the cases of Inspector Montalbano. This version of the book features three separate stories in the series. This volume is considered a starter series for the cranky but life-loving inspector. Whether you come to love or hate the character, Death in Sicily is a quirky mystery series.

I Kill Giorgio Faletti

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I Kill – Giorgio Faletti

I Kill is set in Monte Carlo but is written by Italian writer Giorgio Faletti. It’s all about detectives tracking down an enigmatic killer who uses music cues to announce his murders. It’s a thrilling mystery story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Little Novels of Sicily

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Little Novels of Sicily – Giovanni Verga, D.H. Lawrence (Translator)

This one was first publish back in 1883 so some may find it dated, but the book is atmospheric and captures the feeling of being in one of the poorest places in Europe at the time. This collection of stories is one of the most cherished works of Italian literature out there.

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