This month’s featured book comes from an author I have followed for years now, New York Times Best Selling author J.F. Penn. It’s only right that I get to finally read one of her fiction books as her non-fiction has been inspiring for me. J.F. Penn (known as Joanna Penn by some) has become a self-publishing phenomenon and she runs a website dedicated to educating aspiring authors on the ins-and-outs of writing, publishing and marketing.

In terms of books, J.F. Penn is likely best known for her Arkane series, which is often compared to the works of Dan Brown. Desecration however, is a part of her London crime thriller series which follows Detective Jamie Brooke and psychic, Blake Daniel as they solve murder mysteries.

Look out for my review at the end of the month, and if you choose to join in reading Desecration then share your thoughts either in the comment section of on social media using #ReditalBookClub.

Desecration book cover

Buy this book (UK)
Buy this book (UK)

Desecration Synopsis

LONDON. When the body of a young heiress is found within the Royal College of Surgeons, Detective Sergeant Jamie Brooke is assigned to the case. An antique ivory figurine found beside the body is the only lead and she enlists Blake Daniel, a reluctant psychic, to help her discover the message it holds.

When personal tragedy strikes, Jamie has nothing left to lose and she must race against time to stop the mysterious Lyceum claiming another victim.

As Jamie and Blake delve into a macabre world of grave robbery, body modification, and the genetic engineering of monsters, they must fight to keep their sanity, and their lives.

A story of vengeance and passion for justice, a dark mystery with an edge of supernatural thriller.