This week’s Flash Fiction challenge is a concept that you will use as the basis of your story. Any writers out there are welcome to write a story, publish it at their local online space and drop the link in the comment section below.



Scientists have discovered that the world is due to end by May 18th. It has been widely reported and the world is in panic as the final day approaches. It is now May 17th, but your protagonist believes they have made a discovery that will prevent the world from ending…

Although I have set the premise, I have tried to leave it as open as possible. I made sure not to include the reason why the world is ending and how the protagonist should prevent it, so that’s all for you as the writer to decide.

Word limit: 2000

This challenge ends on May 15th 2017. We will Tweet out some of our favourite submitted stories.

Featured image is designed by alexiuss at DeviantArt