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Many view Neuromancer as the definitive cyberpunk story. Originally published in 1984, Neuromancer is the book that originated the terms Cyberspace and Matrix. It quickly became the archetypal cyberpunk work and it inspired a slew of other similar sci-fi works, including The Matrix movies. The book tells the story of a washed up computer hacker who is hired to pull off the ultimate hack by a mysterious employer.

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Neuromancer Synopsis

William Gibson revolutionised science fiction in his 1984 debut Neuromancer. The writer who gave us the matrix and coined the term ‘cyberspace’ produced a first novel that won the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick Awards, and lit the fuse on the Cyberpunk movement.

More than three decades later, Gibson’s text is as stylish as ever, his noir narrative still glitters like chrome in the shadows and his depictions of the rise and abuse of corporate power look more prescient every day. Part thriller, part warning, Neuromancer is a timeless classic of modern SF and one of the 20th century’s most potent and compelling visions of the future.