James Patterson is no doubt the most successful author brand in the world; you may think of J.K Rowling, but she’s known for one widely successful series, whereas James Pattern’s name alone is used to elevate many other authors. I have to admit though, that I’ve never read a James Patterson book. I decided to start with NYPD Red because I enjoy police stories and I’ve been a huge fan of cop based drama like The Wire.

Look out for my review at the beginning of April, and if you choose to join in reading NYPD Red then share your thoughts either in the comment section or on social media using #ReditalBookClub.

NYPD Red James Patterson book cover

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NYPD Red Synopsis

Every cop wants to be part of NYPD Red.

It is the elite team in New York’s police department, handling the cases involving the most important and high-profile individuals in the city. It’s Detective Zach Jordan’s dream job, but he’s about to step into a nightmare.

In the middle of a New York film festival, a maniac begins a very public and very brutal killing spree targeting Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Zach is assigned a new partner, Detective Kylie MacDonald, who is also his ex-girlfriend. But they’ll need to put their history aside to have a chance of stopping this homicidal psychopath before he brings New York City to its knees.