Bibliomania is the word that describes a symptom of obsessiveā€“compulsive disorder which involves the hoarding of books. As readers, we typically want to read as many books as possible in our lifetime, but what happens when you have too many books to read and not enough time to finish them all?

Does having a large appetite for books really make you a book hoarder? Is anything even wrong with being a book hoarder? One would assume that as long as your collection of books isn’t getting in the way of your social or professional life, it’s completely fine to keep collecting as many books as you have the space for. But this is a topic that is completely subjective. That’s why Dana and I would like to hear more opinions from readers on what is considered being a book hoarder.

I’m sure there are well read people out there with nice collections that would not consider themselves to be a hoarder. We need a clear criteria for what counts.

Take a look at Dana’s video above and share your thoughts with us!

  • Garrett Glass

    I think the OCD connection makes sense. I have it, and I admit to having more books than I could read in a year, and they’re about as cluttered as my mind.

    • That’s an interesting connection there. I also have a kindle loaded with more books than I can read. However, I don’t view it as a problem. I actually get exited by it lol.