Perfect Days was one of the most memorable books I read last month, and I only decided to read it because my friend Dana Abercrombie recommended it. Whether you’re a reader that sticks to a specific genre or not, I think everyone owes it to themselves to read this chilling and creepy tale. Here’s a few reasons why…

1. It’s disturbing but satisfying

When you explain this book to someone, you’ll likely be judged for enjoying such a disturbing idea. The book is all about a crazy med student named Teo who meets aspiring screenwriter Clarice at a party. He instantly falls for her, but when she rejects him he decides to kidnap her to persuade her that they should be together. Throughout the book, he drugs her, ties her up and carries her in a suitcase. It’s terrifying but extremely satisfying to read as you wonder just how far Teo will go to prove to Clarice that she needs him.

Have you ever thrown a book?

2. You haven’t read enough if you’ve never thrown a book across the room

My friends and I always debate over what being “well read” actually means. Well I can say one thing for sure, you haven’t read enough books if you’ve never wanted to hurl the book across the room. Perfect Days is a book that will give you that feeling.

3. Because people as delusional as Teo actually exist

Novels of course are meant to be slightly exaggerated in some regard. But as you read more and more about Teo, it becomes clear that people like this actually do exist in our world. God help the unsuspecting women who come across the crazy and delusional men like Teo that exist. Perfect Days is certainly an eye opener to the capabilities of creeps all over the world.

4. It shows that a book can be great without being an exquisite piece of literature

While Raphael Montes is a great writer, I didn’t give Perfect Days 5 stars on Goodreads because it’s an exquisite piece of text. A common misconception about books is that every one of them has to have world class style and prose. While this may be true for literary fiction, I don’t think every book has to serve as a lesson in English. In my eyes, some books can be considered a classic just because they serve as an accurate representation of human desire. And because they’re able to paint a vivid picture. And because they make you feel real emotions. Which brings me to the next point…

How I felt after reading Perfect Days

5. By the end of it, you would have felt a vast number of emotions

I consider myself a nonchalant human being that struggles to activate the right emotions to the right situations throughout life. I’ve always had problems displaying my emotions to people and this makes me appreciate the things that penetrate my barriers. Only about 5 books throughout my lifetime have really trigger some kind of emotional response within me, and this book is one of them. While I didn’t exactly cry while reading Perfect Days, I did feel deep anger and bewilderment by the end of the book.

Please, just read this book!

Perfect Days book cover

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