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Hi, I’m Gary. From the day I was told to read Of Mice and Men for my English class years ago at school, I knew there was something I loved about reading. I was one of the only ones in the class that actually enjoyed reading the book and then examining what happens in the book. Then it took me falling in love with the Harry Potter series to know that I really was a reader. Throughout the years, life often got in the way. I was reading less and less, and for some reason this made me feel empty inside.

That’s why I decided to start my own online book club. This book club will help me stay on track with my reading habits and ensure that I read at least one book per-month. So feel free to join me on this journey. Let’s show the world that reading = happiness.

Redital for readers

Do you find yourself wanting to read more? Do you feel anxious about not being as well-read as others? Redital aims to encourage people to read more books by giving books away and educating people on the benefits of reading. To put this into perspective for you, here’s a few scientific facts about reading:

  • Reading helps you learn new things every day
  • People who read tend to be more cultural
  • Reading enhances your memory
  • Reading helps you gain critical thinking skills
  • Reading expands your vocabulary

This list shows some of the benefits of reading, and that’s exactly why we love to promote it. By subscribing to our reader’s list you are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw where you can either win our featured book for the month, or some exclusive merchandise. In the future Redital also aims to launch a product based service that ships out bundles of books every month. Please show us your support now so that we can continue to build and make an awesome environment for readers.

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Redital prides itself in promoting published works of literature, whether traditional publishing or self-publishing. We accept sponsorship’s and review copies from publishers in exchange for marketing and promotion of their works. Please contact us for more information on our promo packages.